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Having worked with numerous young artists over the last 15 years or so I feel that Emma is one of the top talents to walk through my studio doors.” - Alan Frew of Glass Tiger

Artist Introduction

Kingston, Ontario-born singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer Emma Lamontagne landed a single’s deal the very first time she performed a bonafide gig in 2016, winning Ottawa Bluesfest’s She’s The One contest and recording “I Don’t Sleep” with songwriter/producer Robyn Dell’Unto. 

The teenager at the time went on to achieve close to half-million streams for the song. Just out of high school, she released two more singles, “Love Games” and “The Art of Reality,” and her 2019 debut full-length, Uncomfortable Eye Contact. 

Now, with an audio engineering degree under her belt and a new home studio, Emma is back with a sound that she wants: lyric-focused folk-pop. “I wanted it to feel very intimate and essentially the way how I perform on stage with a guitar and vocals,” she says. 

Emma's intense empathy forms the basis of many of her new songs as well as her newly sprouted romantic life, but don't doubt Emma’s between song banter is downright hilarious. “You may have a career as a comedian who is also a singer OR a singer who is also a comedian,” wrote one fan on her Instagram. 

“I wish I could predict what I talk about on stage but at least everyone is as surprised as I am by what I say,” Emma posted.

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